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Who We Are

J2K is a woman-owned value-added reseller for IT software and services with decades of experience and success in helping our clients find the right IT software and services

J2K realizes that companies spend way to much time making decisions on which software to purchase for many reasons. Buying IT solutions is a complex decision because it takes the input of all the buyers (economic, technical, and user) to make the right decision. Each stakeholder must be engaged in the process to ensure the right decision is made fully knowing that each buyer has a strong opinion on their needs. J2K are experts at making that process efficient by using our TALM (technology acquisition lifecycle management) process.


We make the decision process more efficient by understanding the needs of the buyers, then manage the technical validation process which reduces the time it takes to select the right solution. This benefits both vendor and clients. The vendor benefits by getting the deal done faster and reducing their cost of sales (which allows them to offer more concessions). The client benefits by getting the right solution faster and more economically. Satisfying all stakeholders is our goal and the result reduces the cost of acquisition and in saves employee time spent in the process.

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