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Proactive Cyber Security for Advanced Cyber Threats

It Matters Where Your Security Is Made


Stop Responding to Threats. Prevent Them. 


J2K Technology provides a set of revolutionary technologies that is empowering businesses to secure and optimize the performance of their devices. Our solutions are secure, fast, and simple to use.

1. Pro Endpoint Suite 

Better Security, More Productivity, Powerful Automation


PRO Endpoint Suite is a comprehensive IT platform that effectively secures business users and data while making systems more productive and reliable.

Raising the Bar in Centralized IT Security and Endpoint Management:

  • Simple Whitelist Security

  • Malicious Script Blocking

  • Comprehensive RDP Controls

  • Remote Administration

  • Cloud Based Console

  • Patch Management

  • Multiplatform Functionality

  • Performance Optimization

  • Easy and Effective Whitelist Approach

J2K Technology focuses on proactive detection and believes the best way to do so is through the use of application whitelisting. However, traditional whitelisting is difficult to deploy and even harder for IT staff to manage. J2K Technology offers an alternative approach, with a globally automated whitelist managed by a team of professional malware researchers that automatically analyze unknown applications and categorize them globally.


  • Removing IT Burden with 24 Hour Professional Categorization

  • Automated Whitelist Security with Millions of Known Trusted Files

  • Simple, Two-Click Cloud Override

2. Ransomware Lifeline

Proactive whitelist security that improves cyber-infrastructures, effectively blocking ransomware threats while working seamlessly with previously installed cybersecurity software.


J2K Technology understands the importance of security and protecting your digital assets. In addition, it is also key to make security simple J2K’s Ransomware Lifeline offers a layered approach, working seamlessly with existing cybersecurity solutions.


Simple & Strong Security

Ransomware Lifeline provides a default-deny whitelist protection that improves the resilience of cybersecurity infrastructures around the country.


  • Whitelist Layer

  • Endpoint Detect and Response Tools

  • Expansive Network Reporting



Whitelist Security

A default-deny approach against unknown malware and ransomware on the network, created from an innovative whitelist developed to remove the burden of traditional whitelisting from IT staff.


EDR Tools

Respond to activity networkwide from anywhere in the world. Promptly access a user's machine to locally run scripts, browse and upload file directories, remotely shut down or reboot in bulk, and more.


Expansive Reporting

Retain detailed logs of activity within an environment; including executions and blocked files, time and location of executions and blocks, and target specific files for quarantine, to name a few.


Whitelisting Made Easy

Ransomware Lifeline uses breakthrough technology, removing the immense amount of manual work that comes with a traditional whitelist solution. The automated, global whitelist used within Ransomware Lifeline is managed by a team of professional malware researchers that automatically analyze blocked unknown applications and categorize them globally. Don’t want to wait for categorization? Locally override with two clicks of the mouse.


  • 24 Hour Professional Categorization, Removing IT Burden

  • Globally Automated Whitelist with Millions of Known Good Files

  • Simple Two-Click Cloud Override

3. RDP Lifeline

An innovative whitelist approach to RDP security with real-time alerts, comprehensive audit logs, and remote RDP control, all managed from an easy to use cloud-based interface.


Simple & Effective RDP Control


RDP Lifeline offers an innovative approach to remote access control, successfully securing Remote Desktop Protocol ports; closing a door frequently left open to cyber attacks.

Making RDP Management Simple

  • RDP Management Tools

  • Remote Access Authentication

  • Comprehensive Reporting

  • Real-Time Alerting



RDP Management Tools

RDP Lifeline features an easy-to-use management tool that scans the network for open RDP ports, enables the ability to close ports with a single click, as well as scheduled open port access.


Whitelist Security

RDP Lifeline eliminates the risk of RDP access through stolen credentials with the use of a device whitelist. Only devices on the whitelist are allowed to initiate a connection to the network while all others are blocked.


Comprehensive Reporting

Track attempted and successful RDP sessions, frequency of sessions, what location and device the session initiated from, duration, and IP address to help maintain network compliance.


Real-time Alerts

Away from the office, but still need to manage access? RDP Lifeline sends real-time text and/or email alerts with links to disable an active session, whitelist a new device, disable RDP, or shutdown a particular device while on the go.


Commercial Services

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PC Matic Pro After
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Matic Pro



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