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J2k Testimonials


Major Retail Company

The team at J2K has worked with us for years.  They are true professionals and always look out for our best interest.  They have saved us millions of dollars over the years and we love working with them.


Online Retail Company

I met the team at J2K in 2000.  I was very impressed with how they knew so much about the software business.  They weren’t like most resellers I have worked with.  J2K really cared about us and our relationships with our vendors.  I always thought the best way to negotiate with vendors was to beat them up on price and service.  I learned that even though I got the price I wanted I wasn’t getting the best service because I kept beating up the vendor.  I pressed them for more and more and gave them less and less.

The experienced team at J2K helped me understand how to control the information that give our vendors leverage.  They helped me formulate a great strategy with plan B’s that helped me keep the purchasing leverage.  They also helped me understand which concessions are most valuable.  Sometimes price isn’t the most important.  J2K has helped me improve our service and relationships with our clients and lower our cost.  I love J2K!!!!


Major Electronics Company

We have been a customer of J2K for close to 20 years.  They are the best real trusted advisor we have ever have.  They have always looked out for our best interest.  They have helped us with acquiring the right solutions even when the solution wasn’t one of theirs.  J2K was able to help one of our business partners with a custom application that saved us millions over the years.  They really focused on all of our partners needs and got the right solution.  A plus team at J2K.  Very trusted by us and our partners.


Major Exchange

What can I say about J2K?  Let me start by saying I was very skeptical of their model.  I wasn’t trusting at first.  Being the chief information security officer of a major exchange I had to be really cautious.  I tested them to see what they knew and how they would represent us.  

The project I had them work on was very important to us.  We were looking at web application security and working with multiple vendors.  We made our decision on which vendor we wanted and when it came to negotiations the vendor wasn’t budgeting on their price.  On the advice of J2K we executed a strategy that only took a few days to execute.  This plan worked exactly as J2K said it would.  We wound up saving over $300,000 per year for 5 years.  We saved 1.5 million over the five years and owe it all to J2K. 

Account Manager

Large Security Software Firm

I have been lucky enough to learn a lot from J2K.  I was a new sales rep in the industry and they offered me a mentoring program that made my account management career soar.  At first I thought it was expensive to pay the monthly mentoring fee but I realized its expensive not to…. It was worth every penny.  Today I am the number one sales rep at my company. They taught me how to stop selling and focus my energy on helping my clients.  This was the best lesson I learned.  Thank you J2K  you helped me and my clients.  I cant say enough about what I owe to all of you.


Industrial Cleaning Firm

We are a small firm in CT.  We were in the process of buying a new CRM.  Our team spent years on this project and was very confused on the market.  One of our partners introduced us to J2K and we are so glad they did.  J2K explained to us the process we needed to go through in order to streamline this decision.  They took us through their TALM process and we followed it to a T.  To our amazement the vendor we thought was the right solution was not the right solution at all.  

J2K took us through this process and held each vendor accountable to every promise they made through the decision process.  They made each vendor compete for each step through the process and low and behold it worked!!!!  To my amazement we wound up with the best solution and saved 100’s of thousands of dollars in licensing and service fees over the five years.  We were also able to make the decision in 2 months and not 2 years.  Thank you so much J2K  we really appreciate you.

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