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J2K History

J2K mission is to earn the right to provide our clients and partners with value to run their business more efficiently

J2K is a family owned business with decades of experience in enterprise and SaaS business models.  We are self funded and answer to no investors.  Our company started out advising software companies on how to understand the needs of clients.  This quickly morphed into J2K representing vendors into the NY, NJ, CT, and PA markets.  Our clients range from SMB to fortune 1000 clients.

Fast forward, we have grown into a solutions and services provider with a strong focus on cost reduction for our clients.  We have saved 10’s of millions of dollars in software maintenance and renewal cost.  We also helped save time and money spent on acquiring technology using our TALM method. Our clients include some of the fastest-growing businesses in the tri state area.

Today J2K is growing by always doing the right thing for our clients and partners.  We pride ourselves on knowing the real needs of all parties.  We streamline the process it takes to make the right decision on technology and services and reduce the cost and time it takes to deploy. 

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