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Vulnerability Management

when protection is just not optional

Defense is the Best Offense in Preventing Breaches and Malware Intrusions


J2K’s feature-rich vulnerability and threat management solutions empower IT teams to identify and eliminate attack vectors quickly and easily. Our VM solutions are  designed to help companies streamline even the most complex security programs with an easy-to-use interface that is quick to stand up and thorough in its coverage. Our solutions operate seamlessly across multi-cloud, on-prem, and distributed architectures.


J2K offers four levels of VM solutions including:

1. Vulnerability Management

Staying on top of today’s security vulnerabilities has become harder – not easier – to manage. Vulnerability scanning is the cornerstone of an effective VM program. J2K offers multiple solutions, from self-managed scanning where you take the driver’s seat and manage scan-to-scan activities, vulnerability remediation and reporting, to a managed solution where all the heavy lifting is done by a team of experts executing scans, analyzing data and delivering project management guidance for remediation.

Our VM program includes:

  • Enterprise-wide asset Discovery, not just known address space

  • Asset fingerprinting for optimized host scanning with hampering of assets

  • Only solution to resolve hosts and changes in dynamic environments with Patented technology

  • PCI – ASV  Approved Scanner

2. Advanced Threat Scanning

J2K’s Active Threat Sweep solution quickly and reliably assesses threat activity or indications of compromise within your network. Designed to complement our VM solution, we identify protection gaps, including assets with out-of-sync or out-of-date endpoint protection.

Our ATS program includes:

  • Reliably scan - internal assets - for active threat activity and indications of compromise, specifically malware

  • Gap Analysis Solution for AV Detection.

  • Protection Gap Identification to reveal “shields down” conditions and out-of-date signatures on protection software

  • Avoid Endpoint agents with our Agentless Technology

3. Web Application Scanning

Web applications are often targeted by cyber attackers. It is essential to assess and secure these applications effectively. Easy to use and quick to deploy, J2K’s  WAS solution delivers actionable, accurate web application testing results quickly and concisely.

Our WAS program includes:

  • Modern web application scanning engine for modern java script frameworks

  • HTML5 / DOM rendering engine for comprehensive coverage

  • Tracking of and trending on new, recurred, fixed vulnerabilities

4. Pen Test

J2K’s PenTest uses ethical hacking methods to identify vulnerabilities before they are exploited. Our team of skilled testers attacks your system from all sides to expose any weakness that are difficult for vulnerability scans to detect. This rigorous testing complements our VM solution, giving your company an even stronger security posture.

Our PT program includes:

  • External & Internal Pen Test

  • Web application Pen Test

  • PCI Focus Pen Test

  • Industry Leading Experts and Staff

  • Leverages the Portal for Reporting

  • Follow Up Remediation Scan


quick reads

We know what keeps you up at night


  • Did you know that a new security vulnerability is identified every 90 Minutes

  • 75% of all attacks are targeted at the Web Application Layer

  • Hackers and those initiating Malware attacks exploit known vulnerabilities on the network continuously


J2K will help find the best solution, or minimally, help keep your current vulnerability management company honest.  Call us for a FREE audit now.



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