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IT Cost Reduction & Subscription Renewal

For more competitive IT investments

Helping drive down your IT Costs


Stretching your IT investments

J2K Technology has decades of IT sales experience and understands exactly how vendors negotiate to maximum their profits. But what about your profits? We can leverage our 'street' knowledge to lower your costs – both in new purchases and ongoing maintenance and support.

We have saved hundreds of millions of dollars for our clients

  • Are you paying too much on your software maintenance and renewals of subscriptions?

  • Has the cost gone up and the service gone down?

  • Do you know what the market is really paying for the solutions you run every day?

  • Does your team know how your vendors extract valuable information and gain negotiation leverage during the sales process?

  • Are you getting the best deal possible at the time of purchase?

J2K Technology will work behind the scenes and educate your team on how to control the negotiation process and get the information they need to make a fully informed decision.  We will help you set up a realistic “plan B (other options)” to make sure the vendor you want is always competing hard for your business.  We will help you streamline the purchasing process using our TALM (Technology Acquisition Lifecycle Management) method. 

In today’s cost-conscious world, we are all asked to do more with less. Every penny matters. Let us get on a call with you to discuss ways you can get the most out of your capital and operating budgets. Our cost reduction plans are flexible to meet your needs. We include this service when you purchase any of the J2K solutions to help offset the cost of your purchase with us.


Contact us today.  Lets get started saving you money.   




1 Engage J2K for our Vulnerability Management Solution ($50K*)

2 Save that cost by looking for savings with your current maintenance and subscription renewals (-$50K*)

3 Total first year cost =



* The above is an example of our offer

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