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Secure Cloud

Adjusting to a complex digital world

J2K Secure Cloud


With J2K Secure Cloud you can now unleash your teams to become more productive, secure, and compliant in a complex, digital world.

Productivity like never before

Establish a modern workplace for better data sharing, collaboration, flexibility, and remote work. Products include:
• Microsoft 365

Gold Standard Security


Reduce risks caused by human error and security-related obstacles to productivity. Threat detection and risk mitigation are constant, automated, and dynamic. Products include:

  • Email Threat Protection

  • Email Encryption

  • Secure File Share

Compliance for Peace-of-mind


Best-in-class email encryption, secure file sharing, and business communications archiving (email, social media, instant messaging). Products include:

  • Email Encryption

  • Secure File Share

  • Information Archiving


J2K offers the following:

Email Encryption – Encryption Secured

Automatic email encryption and data loss prevention offer unparalleled peace of mind for you, your employees and your executives.

Make encryption automatic, easy, effective, and defensible to anyone, anywhere, on any device.


Email is the most vulnerable aspect of your business. It’s easy for employees to send sensitive information to the wrong parties over the open internet. But if you secure it you protect all outgoing sensitive information and empower everyone to communicate freely.

Email Encryption interfaces with your existing email environment (we can also host your mailbox) to secure it far beyond its native capabilities.

Information Archiving – Accessible Unified Archiving

Provides secure message retention, making compliance and eDiscovery easier for you and your team.

Comply with emerging regulations and shield your business.

  • Unified archiving

  • 50+ sources

  • eDiscovery

  • SimplyShare


Stay ahead of emerging regulations while fostering a business environment that complies with local laws, standards, and ethical practices related to business communication and content.


Information Archiving stores an unlimited number of files and communications across existing platforms such as email as well as emerging ones like Microsoft Teams and social media, to protect an organization from compliance violations and unplanned litigations. It’s an essential replacement for organizations that are moving to the cloud and away from aging, on-premise, email-only hardware.

Secure File Share – Share Easily and Confidently

Securely share files of any size and type, with full tracking features and e-signature capability, all designed to keep your business moving forward.


A simple, secure way for employees to share files, including large ones MS Outlook


  • Add-In

  • Any File Type up to 100GB

  • Rights Management


While offices are teeming with new tools for communication and collaboration, the Office 365 mailbox continues to be an essential productivity tool. But as file formats grow, it isn’t always sufficient, and employees increasingly resort to risky workarounds like unsecured file transfer tools which expose your organization and those files to the open web.


Secure File Sharing makes it simple for users to send large attachments in email – up to 100GB in size – securely. Plus, you can recall files, enforce rights management, and append legally binding e-signatures.

Email Threat Protection – Simpler and More Secure Email

Prevent malware, ransomware and other advanced threats from compromising your email and your business.

Secure the inbox, guard against threats, and protect the business and end users

  • Antispam and Antivirus

  • Advanced Threat Protection

  • Intuitive Quarantine


Don’t let the inbox be the weakest link in your company’s security posture.


Email Threat Protection provides multi-layered filtering that permits legitimate email while keeping out malicious threats such as phishing, impersonation, malware, ransomware, and spam-type messages.

Email Message Privacy – Complete Control of your Sensitive Information

Transform your existing email environment into a secure communications workplace, with point-to-point message encryption and tracking, large file sharing, and e-signature capability – and the compatibility to work seamlessly with other compliance and security services.

Transform your email environment into a secure communications workspace.


  • Advanced Message Control

  • E-signature

  • Secure File Transfer


Be the strongest link in your customer-partner security loop. Keep your most sensitive data out of reach of cybercriminals, even when sending outside your network.


Email Message Privacy makes it simple to send and receive secure messages, request or provide legally valid electronic signatures, and share large files directly form a user’s existing email address. It all happens with real-time message tracking and control.

Microsoft 365 – Increased Productivity, Securely

Meet, work, communicate anywhere with the peace of mind that your workspace is managed by a trusted Microsoft Partner.

Increase productivity and enable secure remote work


  • Business

  • Standard

  • Business Premium

  • Enterprise


Deploy (or upgrade) the nucleus of the modern workplace – Microsoft’s iconic suite of work, collaboration, and productivity tools. It includes everything from Word and Excel to Teams, Stream, and SharePoint.


With over 10,000+ successful migrations, our experts can help you select and implement exactly the right package and guide your digital transformation. Plus, our team can act as your proxy to escalate issues.


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