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In this rapidly changing business landscape companies must protect their IT networks before it’s too late.


Cybercriminals and nation-states have already started to leverage the global anxiety around the coronavirus outbreak for their benefit. They are targeting distracted organizations with phishing and ransomware attacks while also looking at ways to exploit the dramatic and sudden increase in remote workers and strained corporate networks.


The Solution – Our Vulnerability Management Agentless Platform


J2K uses the industry’s most comprehensive, accurate, and easy-to-use vulnerability management application – bar none. Using proprietary scanning technology, our comprehensive security assessments and help prioritize and track the results, making remediation more efficient and effective.


Rich in Features and Capabilities – Yet Easy to Use


We identify and evaluate the security and business risk postures of network devices and applications deployed as premise, cloud, or hybrid network-based implementations.


Our comprehensive set of features and capabilities helps overcome frustrations experienced by security professionals with other popular risk assessment tools, such as dealing with inaccurate results and overly complex deployments and maintenance. Plus it is simple to implement, simple to launch, and simple to use – with straightforward reporting that makes remediation easier. And because it resides entirely in Amazon Web Services (AWS), we easily address the security compliance requirements of organizations around the globe.

J2K VM solutions includes:

• Vulnerability Scanning

• Compliance Auditing

• Smart Labels

• Trending

• Network Endpoint Correlation

• Customizable Reports

• Role-based Access Control &
  Data Segmentation

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