-Do you have a vendor or client approval process?

-Is your inventory system easy to use and focused on only the data you need?
-Can you use mobile devices for scanning items (iPhone, lesser Android for now)?
-Are you able to forecast inventory short-falls in advance?

Purchase Order
-Do you have a good system for knowing when to re-order?
-Do you have a workflow for PO requests, approvals, ordering?

-Can you quickly receive inventory from POs?
-How do you handle partial fills?

Sales Orders
-Do you have an easy way to track the life-cycle of a Sales Order? Packing Slips,Shipping Labels/Lists?

-Do you have a well-defined Return process?

-Do you have a good process for building your final products?
-Do you get good productivity metrics?

-Do you have the critical data available anytime?
-Are you able to understand when materials are not on time? 
i.e.: PO is late and you need to intervene