​Booking and Entertainment


-Do you have centralized location for all of your Companies (Venues, Clients, Partners, Vendors) and their People (name, addresses, phones, etc…)?
-Do you know what (and when) has been communicated (exchanged) between your organization and others?
-Would you like to convert your filing system to a single, easy to view screen that can be accessed from anywhere?​

-Is your inventory system easy to use and focused on only the data you need?
-Can you use mobile devices for scanning items and payment (iPhone,  Android)?
-Are you able to forecast inventory short-falls in advance?

-Do you have a good system for knowing when to re-order merchandise, equipment, props, essentials needed to perform?

Project Management
-Do you have a quick way to know that all events are organized and on track?
-Does your staff have clear direction on what they are supposed to do and by what time (where to be and when)?

-Does it take too long to compile, review and transmit Invoices?
-Are you ever concerned that you have under or over billed a client?
-Do you feel it takes too long to get paid from your clients?
-Does your billing system integrate with CRM and QuickBooks?

-Do you have critical information available anytime?
-How easy is it to view client history?